Apply Lightroom / XMP

Presets with an API

Start using any Lightroom preset on your website or app using PresetBot.


PresetBot makes it easy to apply presets and filters to your images.

Simple Interface

Get started with our easy-to-use API in just a few minutes!

Fast Processing

The PresetBot API is scalable to your workloads with low latency.

Approximate Presets

We use our own preset application framework, not Lightroom directly.

Output Types

Choose JPEG or AVIF with configurable quality. More formats coming soon!

Simple Pricing

We charge by the number of megapixels we apply filters to.

SDKs (coming soon)

Easy to use SDKs for Go, Python, TypeScript, and Java.

Coming soon: LUTs, filters from images, colorization, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you support more than 100k megapixels/mo?

Yes, contact us for bulk pricing.

Do you use Lightroom to apply the presets?

No, we use our own custom-built software to apply the presets since Lightroom does not expose an API for this and programmatically using Lightroom to provide presets would not be permitted by the Adobe Terms of Service. This does mean there might be slight variations between the outputs of PresetBot and Lightroom. See the examples page for more information.

What programming languages do you support?

Right now you can use our API with the HTTP library of your choice in any language. We are also working on publishing SDKs for Go, Python, TypeScript, and Java in February 2024. Please contact us if you need an SDK in an additional language.

How does this compare to the Adobe Photoshop API?

We do not require users to have an AWS account. Our pricing is much cheaper, especially for small images. If you processed 1000 images that were 1000x1000 pixels, we are more than 75% cheaper. We only apply presets, while the Adobe API supports many other image editing features. We also offer an approximation of Lightroom presets, not a pixel-perfect representation. See the examples page for more information.

Where can I ask questions?

Please email us at or schedule a video call.